/amˈbɪʃ(ə)n/ n.  - a strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.


Strategies that
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Ambition’s purpose is to help busy business owners by providing high level support in a variety of key areas. We get a buzz out of helping brands grow and increasing profits by overhauling marketing strategies and outdated business processes.

We recognise that marketing strategies are not one-size-fits-all. Some businesses may be seeking growth and scale, while others may simply wish to streamline or outsource their marketing and branding.

Ambition can guide you towards achieving any of these goals in a way that is tailored to your unique business and team.

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Services to fit your needs

Whether you require guidance in making major changes within your business or marketing strategy, more sales leads or better quality enquiries, or simply seek inspiration to help form strategies to grow and stay on track with your goals, we are equipped to support you.

From our broad industry experience over a number of years, we can assist with implementing high-level strategy to help restructure your organisation, products or service offerings. We can also lessen the daily grind of your marketing operations.

Social Media Coaching
Social Media Management
Website Design
Graphic Design
Social Media Audits
Content Creation
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Email Signatures
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Business Coaching
Brand Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Site Signage
Business Cards
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Ambition’s team includes a network of expert and boutique service providers that has been built through years of working in the marketing industry. Our core team is lean and agile which allows us to leverage industry experts whilst keeping project costs accessible.

Ineke Clark

Ineke Clark


Ineke is a dynamic and highly organised individual who has an intuitive approach to branding and social media.

Ineke loves to get her hands on brands and overhaul them in every aspect of their branding and marketing to help them reach or even exceed their potential. She is renowned in the construction industry in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney for her ability to form strong relationships and to encourage industry collaboration across a variety of platforms.

Ineke is best known for her tenure as CEO of the Master Landscapers of SA (MLSA) from 2016 to 2019. Over 2.5 years, Ineke transformed MLSA into a thriving and powerful industry association, achieving a 200% increase in membership and a 400% increase in sponsorship under her direction. A large portion of MLSA’s success during Ineke’s tenure can be attributed to the way she utilised social media to activate and nurture a community of members and sponsors for the association.

Shawn Xing

Shawn Xing

Creative Director

Shawn has been working in the advertising and design industry since 2002 and has over 15 years of experience in visual communication, branding and design. He has a diverse background in a variety of mediums such as illustration, art directing, web design and user experience design.

Shawn’s passion lies in creating and developing brand experiences that connect with people, leaving a lasting impression and helping businesses succeed.

Sarah Thornton

Sarah Thornton

Account Manager

Having developed a keen interest in design and horticulture, Sarah began studying Landscape Design at TAFE in 2019, graduating in 2020 with a Diploma. Her passion for the landscape industry and design in general assists her in her work at Ambition, as does her experience in growing and managing two social media accounts of more than 10,000 followers each.

Sarah’s infectious personality will hook you in upon first meeting. Sarah and Ineke first met when Sarah was running a busy Brighton café, where – over many orders for almond cappuccinos – a strong friendship and mutual respect was formed. Sarah is a customer service professional with a high level of intuition and emotional intelligence. All her clients benefit from her thoughtful approach and dedication to the end result. Sarah truly cares about her clients and their businesses, and that care shows in the work that she produces.

Riley Schoen

Riley Schoen

Account Manager

Riley is a multi-skilled member of the Ambition team who is happiest when she is busy creating content and designs for our clients. Riley’s highly organised approach to her work means she runs a very tight ship when it comes to social media management and email marketing. All Riley’s clients (and the rest of the Ambition team) benefit from her systematic and structured approach to marketing.

Riley is an expert at creating snappy social media captions that generate engagement and complement her clients’ brands. Businesses who are fortunate to have their social media accounts managed by Riley will experience a high level of attention to detail and a very professional approach.

Riley is proud fur mother to Leonard and Sullivan, both Bernese Mountain dogs who are as gentle as they are giant. She is also a trained barista, which is of great benefit to anyone visiting our office (wink, wink).

Isabel Vanhakartano

Isabel Vanhakartano

Account Manager

Isabel trained for four years as an actor and writer, graduating with Honours from Flinders University in 2020. She has a keen interest in film and theatre, with a passion for refining her knowledge in the evolving political landscape, following pop culture and current events through the media.

With over seven years’ experience in customer service, she is an expert in interacting with all kinds of people and can quickly gauge your style to tailor to her approach to your needs. As the newest member of Ambition Consultants, Isabel’s creative flair and awareness of current and emerging trends will bring a unique and relevant take on managing and growing your accounts.

Otis Clark

Otis Clark

Senior Barketing Manager

Our newest and youngest team member, Otis is a fast learner who has settled into office culture like he was born into it.

Otis is by far the most popular Ambition team member, and likely the main reason why our clients come to visit us (second only to Riley’s coffees).

Otis loves chewing, barking at strangers, playing on the floor, and most of all, eating everything in sight.

Just some of our proud partnerships

We’re proud to work with these amazing businesses who have given Ambition their trust and the latitude to follow our instincts and intuition to deliver genuine results. Having worked with them closely, we can highly recommend each and every one of our clients in their respective industries.



At Ambition, we believe great things start with great relationships. So whether you’re ready to rebrand or restructure your business, or just looking for advice, we’d love to connect.


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