You don’t need to post to your socials over the holidays.
We’ve got you covered.

OK, great. But, what if you want to post to your social media over the break? There is not a black and white answer to this question, and so we will break it down by social media type:



Feel free to post to stories, but please don’t post to the feed.

Due to the way that Instagram works, we would prefer it if you didn’t post to Instagram while we are not actively managing your accounts. There is a method to everything that we do for you on Instagram and we work hard to ensure that your feed stays looking its best. As we have scheduled posts for you throughout the Christmas break, there is no need for you to post during this time. However, if the urge to post overcomes you, you are most welcome to post to your Instagram stories (and in doing so, you won’t affect the posting schedule we have set up).

Please refrain from changing any other key elements of your account, such as your profile picture, bio or story highlights, until we’re back and can work with you to make these changes in line with your brand.

You have engaged professional social media management for a reason, so please let us guide you on how your Instagram feed looks and feels to ensure the best results for your brand.



Feel free to post anytime to the feed or your stories.

Facebook is a very different beast to Instagram. We have no issues with you posting to your Facebook page or stories. In doing so, you won’t be impacting on the look or layout of your page. However, please refrain from changing other key elements of your page (such as your logo and cover image etc.) until we are back from holidays.



Feel free to post anytime to the feed or your stories.

As per our suggestions for Facebook, please feel free to post to your LinkedIn company page over the break. But once again, please refrain from making any other significant changes to your account until we are back.

It’s not that we don’t trust you to make changes to your own accounts. We simply want to make sure that our strategy remains in line with yours, and that any changes you make are in the best interests of both your brand and your social media presence.


If you spot something that is amiss, please contact us.

We take our responsibility as your Social Media Managers very seriously. If you spot something that is out of order with one of your posts, you have two options:

  1. Edit the post yourself, archive it, or delete it.
  2. Contact us on 0438 880 478 (preferably by text while we are on holidays) and we will resolve the issue for you.

Mistakes happen, but we care a great deal about your social media presence and will work fast to address any issues that do arise, even during our break.

Note: please don’t email us with any issue you would like resolved, as after a full year of being plugged in 24/7, we will be doing our very best to switch off from emails over the break.


For three weeks while we are on our annual holiday break, we will only be checking your accounts sporadically.

In order to give the social media team a mental break, the holiday period is the only time of the entire year that we won’t be immediately responsive in answering enquiries on your social media accounts.

As mentioned, we’ve got the posting side of things covered, so you won’t need to worry about that (indeed, we would prefer that you didn’t try and add to our posting schedule on Instagram in particular; see below for more information). However, for the three weeks between Christmas and the 17th of January 2022, we won’t be automatically responding to those who engage with your social media feeds.

If the thought of monitoring your socials over Christmas fills you with dread, then there is no harm whatsoever in letting the comments and enquiries bank up until we return to the office, at which time we will respond to each and every one of the messages and comments that you received over the break.


Our last day in the office is Thursday the 23rd of December. We are back for the new year on Monday the 17th of January.